Wheel Your Lottery Numbers

Wheel Your Lottery Numbers



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Numerical wheeling systems are methods of arranging a group of picks (numbers) into a series of bet combinations designed to produce a balanced coverage of all of the numbers used for lottery draw predictions and to provide a minimum win guarantee if certain conditions are met.

A wheeling system is a template or pattern for distributing a group of selected numbers that are anticipated to hit in upcoming draws. An effective wheel pattern will be designed to place the users picks to their best betting advantage by distributing the picks as evenly and in as many possible combinations with the other bet picks as possible.

There are two types of wheels … long and short or otherwise referred to as full or abbreviated wheels. Lottery wheeling systems have three essential elements. The amount of numbers selected as potential hits for the upcoming lotto draws. The win guarantee … how many numbers are absolutely guaranteed to be on AT LEAST one ticket if X amount of numbers from the total number pool are drawn in the upcoming draw and how many bets/tickets are necessary to produce the wheel with its attendant win guarantee.

A full wheel system covers ALL possible combinations of the selected amount of numbers. For example, an 8 number full wheel for Canada’s 649 lottery would require 28 combinations/tickets or put in monetary terms the Lotto 649 player would have to spend $28 to play this wheel. Add just one more pick to this full wheel example and a 9 number full wheel would require 84 ticket combinations or $84 to purchase the Lotto 649 tickets.

The advantage to a full wheeling system is that all possible winning combinations are present in your tickets and if the numbers hit the returns are great. The drawback to a full wheeling system is that these wheels produce a large number of tickets/costs and may not be the best way to play for most people’s lotto budget. If you are pooling your betting money with other lottery enthusiasts such as trusted friends, relatives or fellow members of a lottery club the full wheeling systems might be the way to go.

Did I say friends and relatives ? … maybe a lottery club is the best way to go when it comes to lots of money wagered on high risk ventures such as a lottery ?

For the individual player, the abbreviated wheeling systems are more practical and attractive.

An abbreviated wheeling system does not cover all possible combinations but allows the player to select a group of numbers and play all of them for a lot less cost than a full wheeling system. The fascination and beauty of the numerical architecture of abbreviated wheels is the relationship between the amount of numbers, the number of tickets required and the win guarantee. For example a 20 number abbreviated wheel system with a 3 out of 6 guarantee producing XX tickets allows the player to use 20 numbers for the next draw winning predictions and if all six of the drawn numbers are from that same 20 number pool then there will be at least one ticket containing a three number winner.

It is important to say that that while the abbreviated wheels provide a MINIMUM of one guaranteed win … it is very probable that multiple and upper prize level wins can occur within the group of tickets. Also, many times the wheel’s set of tickets will yield winners even if the total amount of required hits are not realized in the upcoming lottery draw.

The study of all aspects of wheeling systems and numerical distribution betting theory is beyond the confines of this particular web page. There are multitudes of wheel designs for every lottery and just about every betting pool size. The only limit is the size of the player’s pocket book. There are little wheels and big wheels, wheels that offer no win guarantee but rather simply distribute the numbers in an effectively balanced pattern. There are also wheels that use key numbers. A key number is one or more numbers that when placed in the wheel will then be contained in every bet/ticket that is generated by the wheel. If you are really sure that a certain number will occur in the upcoming draw then a key number wheeling system is for you. All your tickets generated by this type of wheeling system will contain your special number. The purpose of key number wheeling systems is to of course include your lucky number(s) in all of your tickets but also to significantly reduce the number of tickets necessary to produce the wheels win guarantee. If your lucky number hits along with some other picks in your wheel you will have lots of tickets to cash.

More about key number wheels in upcoming lotto tips topics.

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